Why Real HCG Drops Are [ Illegal & Fake ]

In this post about Real HCG Drops, you will learn some shocking facts. They are:

  • What are Real HCG Drops?
  • Why are Real HCG Drops Illegal?
  • Why are Real HCG Drops Fake?
  • List of Fake or Homeopathic Drops?
  • How to Buy Real HCG Drops?
  • List of Real HCG Drops Sellers?
You are scammed in the name of Real HCG Drops

What Are Real HCG Drops?

Real HCG Drops are 100% Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone. It isn’t diluted and does not contain any other ingredient.

This hormone is known as medical grade HCG hormone. It is usually prescribed by a licensed physician and cannot be sold without a prescription.

Why Are Real HCG Drops Illegal?

Most Real HCG Drops are illegal. They are not regulated.

However, fours years back Real HCG Drops was easily sold online. FDA intervened and made it illegal to sell Medical Grade HCG Drops as Illegal.

Here are the reasons why Pure HCG Drops are Illegal?

Pure HCG Drops are sold as weight loss supplements. However, the FDA didn’t find any scientific proof or data that connects Genuine HCG drops with weight loss.

HCG Drops are vital for HCG Diet to work. Unfortunately, the science community doesn’t believe the same. They say that weight loss occurred during the HCG diet is because of the low-calorie diet. HCG Drops have nothing to do with it.

Hence FDA has barred the sale of Pure HCG Drops as weight loss supplement.

Another reason being the import of HCG drops from third world countries. The manufacturing process and labs aren’t approved and well kept. Such HCG drops from other countries might be cheap but contains foreign microbes. These microbes cause untreatable diseases resulting in life and financial loss.

Why Are Real HCG Drops Fake?

When FDA made it illegal to sell Real HCG Drops most companies took the alternative route. They created their own formula from various ingredients and called it HCG Drops.

Technically, these are Homeopathic Drops.

However, while promoting these homeopathic Drops, the tag of real HCG drops is used. Mostly to entice uninformed consumers.

FACT: If you are getting any Real HCG without prescription it is homeopathic HCG Drops.

But, there is one site which sells 100% Real HCG Drops with a prescription from a licensed physician within the United States.

Before I can reveal the merchant, it is important you know the names of Homeopathic HCG Sellers so that you do not fall into the trap.

List of Fake or Homeopathic Drops?

Here is a list of HCG merchants selling homeopathic Drops.

Note: if you purchase from any of these sellers we do not take any responsibility irrespective of whether it is a financial loss or health damage. This list is provided for information purpose only.

  • HCG Triumph – it does contain some amount of Pure HCG drops. However, the rest are fillers. Moreover, their website clearly states that their products are homeopathic.
  • HCG Complex – Their formula does not contain even a single drop of Real HCG Drop.
  • 1234 Diet Drops – Another homeopathic HCG drops
  • Easy HCG – Homeopathy

Below is a list of HCG Drops Brand maintained by ONE Person/ Company

  • HCG Plus Drops
  • Bottled HCG Diet
  • Xtreme HCG Drops
  • HCG Drops real
  • and some others which are yet to be found 🙂

note: if you look at their site, all HCG bottles are same without even the slightest change in design.

I am not sure whether they are purely homeopathic or not. But I can guarantee they are not 100% Real HCG Drops.

On their site, they mention that their HCG Drops contain 200 IUs of Pure HCG hormone. However, when I searched for their label I couldn’t find them.

I think their business is shady and is probably carried outside of US.

Where Can I Buy Real HCG Drops?

As I said earlier, you cannot buy one without prescription within the US.

This company provides you a bottle of HCG Drops with a strength of 8000 IU. This is the purest form of HCG Drops you can get your hands on.

Yes, it is expensive. You cannot buy it for $69 as your usual homeopathic drops.

Their plan starts from $300 for 26 days. I know its expensive but hey you are getting a prescription drug which cannot be purchased over the counter. (Note: We have a cheaper alternative below)

If you are still interested >> pls visit this page.

Choose, the program from 26 or 46 days. Next, you can choose from HCG Injections, HCG Pellets or HCG Drops. Choose HCG Drops.

Next you will be asked about your medical history and finally, you will be taken to order form.

Alternative to Real HCG Drops?

If you think real HCG drop is expensive then you can try this brand. It is homeopathic but for just $69 helps you lose more than 25 lbs!

Click Here to know more about this HCG brand.


I have tried to find the best resource for 100% Pure medical grade HCG Drop. If you know of any other resource pls do let me know in the comment section.

Moreover, pls don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ or a ‘Thank You’

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