Prescription HCG Drops Online – Where to Buy?

Today you will learn where and how to buy prescription HCG drops online.

It’s a good thing that you are looking for prescription HCG drops. Only prescribed HCG drops are pure HCG drops and contain 100% real HCG hormone drops.

There is only one retailer (online) that sells prescription HCG drops. But before we can discuss the merchant it is important to understand:

  • What is prescription HCG drops
  • Why prescription HCG Drops
  • What to look for in prescription HCG Drops
  • The only merchant selling prescription HCG Drops

What is Prescription HCG Drops?

It is required by FDA that HCG is sold only upon prescription. Therefore, only authorized retailers are allowed to prescribe HCG Drops. And for online retailers to prescribe they require by law that it is done by a licensed physician.

You need to go all through this trouble of getting a prescription for HCG drops. This ensures the authenticity of the product.

Why Prescription HCG Drops?

There are literally tens of sellers selling their HCG drops as Real HCG drops or medical grade HCG drops. This is a complete lie. One cannot sell medical grade HCG hormone unless they have special permission or license to do so.

What these sellers are trying to sell are homeopathic drops.

Therefore, it is vital to “buy a prescribed HCG drop” to ensure that you get Pure HCG drops only.

What to Look for in Prescription HCG Drops?

Even if an online retailer provides prescription it doesn’t mean they are genuine. They could operate their business outside of the US and hence FDA has no control over them.

Here are some things to check before purchasing any prescribed HCG online:

  • Is the brand or company registered within the US? You can find this info on their website. Go to their about section and check if there is any mention of where they are operating from and place of registry. If you don’t find any such info, they are probably scammers. Run!
  • Next, even if they do operate within the US check whether a US licensed Physician is working with the brand. This is necessary for the prescription part. You can verify by calling them up on their toll-free number.
  • Do they provide medical support? HCG hormone can mess with your system. It will also result in adverse effects. Hence, you need medical support in case of emergencies. Find out if the retailer prescribing, provides some sort of guidance or medical support.

The above three are essential to look for while ordering any prescribed HCG hormones.

The Only Merchant Selling Prescribed HCG Drops Online

This is the only merchant selling prescription HCG Drops online. Click here to visit their official site.

They have two types of programs: 26 and 46-day program.

Choose any one program. Later, you will have the option to choose from HCG Injections, HCG Pellets or HCG Drops. Choose HCG Drops.

In the next step, you will be asked about your medical history. Provide all the necessary details.

After payment, HCG Drops will be delivered along the prescription.

Note: After doing my research I found that this is the only site selling prescription HCG Drops online. If you know of any other merchant pls don’t hesitate to let me know.

A Cheap & Alternative Option

NuImage Medical is expensive. Their basic program starts from $300 (for 26 days). I guess quality products are pricey. 

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HCG Complex is homeopathic. However, their ingredients are powerful appetite suppressants which help lose those extra pounds easily. 

Moreover, their single bottle costs $69 only. 

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