Can HCG Drops be Used by Men for Weight loss?

The weight loss industry seems to cater only to women. When a new diet comes out it’s the women rushing. This doesn’t leave much space for men. Unfortunately,  men tend to think that diets are specially designed for women. The same holds true for HCG Diet.

HCG Drops can be used by Men: 

Although, you might think HCG diet drops are meant for women, they are not. Men can use HCG drops for weight loss. The principle of weight loss with HCG diet is the same for men and women. 

In fact, men lose more weight easier than women. Simply because men weren’t designed to store fat like women.

Note: Women were designed by nature to store fat so that they can nurse their young ones.

So how can men use HCG drops for weight loss?

Here’s how men can use HCG drops for weight loss:

  • First purchase HCG drops from any genuine merchants. It can be online or offline (from stores nearby). Try opting online as its cheaper.
  • Second, follow the guidelines with low calorie diet. Basically, there are three types of Diets 1) 500 calorie, 2) 800 calorie and 3) 1200 calorie. Choose any one.
  • Use the HCG drops in conjunction with the diet. Usually, take 10 to 15 drops half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Watch as you lose weight.

It can’t get simpler than this.

Where should I purchase HCG Drops online?

Okay, this is a tricky question. Why? because there are several online merchants who are nothing but scammers. You need to opt only for genuine drops. Secondly, I have purchased only from few, therefore, can vouch only for those purchase. Thirdly, the companies that we vouch for may or may not be suitable for you.

But, if you do want our suggestion then try HCG Complex. It is a homeopathic drop but proven to be effective for weight loss.

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Note: Use them at your own responsibility. We can only suggest. The rest is your decision and need to take full responsibility.